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02:23 Kandatsu Kogen in Yuzawa Kandatsu Kogen in Yuzawa

A clip from Kandatsu Kogen in Yuzawa when it was called Pine Ridge Resorts Kandatsu.

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01:11 Kandatsu Kandatsu

I went here today. My friend took video of empty slope. There were only few people there.

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03:19 Kandatsu Kogen (Pine Ridge Resorts) Kandatsu Kogen (Pine Ridge Resorts)

Clip from Kandatsu Kogen when it used to be known as Pine Ridge Resorts Kandatsu

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03:21 Kandatsu Kogen in Yuzawa Kandatsu Kogen in Yuzawa

The Kandatsu Kogen resort in Yuzawa, Niigata. Clip originally uploaded by mogski.

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01:34 Shiga Kogen Shiga Kogen

JH & friends playing in some boot deep freshies. Shiga Kogen Japan 2011

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00:15 Appi Kogen Appi Kogen

Appi Kogen. Originally uploaded by bouse.

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00:52 Getoh Kogen crash Getoh Kogen crash

Clip originally uploaded by Jared

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05:00 Snowboarding at Appi Kogen Iwate Snowboarding at Appi Kogen Iwate

Headcam footage from Appi Kogen, Iwate. Quiet and lots of snow, motorway wide pistes, heavy snow filling your tracks between runs. Stay at the top of the mountain as it flattens out as yo...

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00:15 Early morning Shiga Kogen Early morning Shiga Kogen

Off the first lift on a clear morning in Shiga Kogen, Nagano. Great scenery and the beautiful sound...

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