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00:12 Nagano backcountry Nagano backcountry

This video is of my wife skiing a nice Backcountry line open.

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01:59 Hachimantai Backcountry Hachimantai Backcountry

Hachimantai Backcountry, originally uploaded by Shimba.

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02:54 Japan Backcountry Japan Backcountry

Sledding/hiking to access the freshies in Hokkaido

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00:15 Hakuba Backcountry Hakuba Backcountry

Me skiing a nice gullie playing on the sides in some nice pow. Got my biggies on so more like surfing.

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02:26 Some backcountry skinning in Niseko Some backcountry skinning in Niseko

Goshiki and some other places

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01:37 Skiing Nitonupuri and Iwanoupori Skiing Nitonupuri and Iwanoupori

2 peaks 1 day

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00:50 Watermelons mate Watermelons mate

A few runs through watermelons

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01:52 Niseko and others in the pow Niseko and others in the pow

Clayton and I do some riding in early season conditions

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00:15 Hakuba BC Hakuba BC

Steep Hakuba bc trees friend stacking and rolling. Skier is Hugh

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