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05:32 Hakuba in the trees - January 28-29 2012 Hakuba in the trees - January 28-29 2012

Fun times in the trees

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00:15 Hakuba trees Hakuba trees

This vid is of my wife ripping some nice trees in Hakuba had a great day riding with her.

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00:33 TJ Saka Trees TJ Saka Trees

Saka Trees

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00:15 Happo BC Trees Happo BC Trees

This is the wife skiing some of her daisuki trees. She is finnally looking at all the holes and timing her turns.

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01:38 Takasu Snow Park Takasu Snow Park

This is my favourite run at Takasu Snow Park. I like this run because its within my comfort zone its not crazy steep which is good for me as I'm still not very confident or good in the t...

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00:12 Hakuba trees and powder Hakuba trees and powder

Me on my super fats cause I let Nate borrow my skis - nice day thank god the rain stayed away.

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02:25 Myoko trees Myoko trees

SJ and Dave

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00:35 Skyline Trees Skyline Trees

Skyline Trees

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00:15 Hakuba more trees Hakuba more trees

This vid is of Nate ripin a nice line. Too bad you cant see all of his air turns it was a nice line.

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