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SnowJapan is the independent guide and online community dedicated to winter sports in Japan. We have been online and growing each season since 1999. You can visit our main site, popular Forums and our ski resort search applications below:


Main SnowJapan site - www.snowjapan.com

SnowJapanForums - www.snowjapanforums.com

SnowJapanResorts search site - www.snowjapanresorts.com


A major update to our main SnowJapan site will be launched in late 2012.



Introduction to SnowJapan.TV


SnowJapan.TV is our video clip site - a place where you can upload and share Japan-related winter sports clips. There have been previous versions of SnowJapan.TV, but with this new version - launched in July 2012 - we really wanted to simplify everything.

Clear, simple and easy to use was what we wanted to achieve. 

We wanted to make everything much simpler than it previously was on SnowJapan.TV - joining up, uploading clips, viewing clips, embedding the clips onto the SnowJapanForums, etc.

Using this site you can easily create an account (it's free), upload your video clips and share them with the SnowJapan community.

Hopefully this new platform will be a more pleasurable experience and will encourage more people to join in and contribute. We appreciate you visiting our site and hope to see you taking part.

Thank you.

SnowJapan, July 2012




Help / FAQ


What is the file size limit?
You can upload video clip files up to around 350MB in size. Of course it's always best to keep them smaller than larger where possible, but that's the current upper limit. If you would like to upload a larger file, please just contact us and we'll temporarily change the settings for you.


What type of clips are ok?
Currently, supported video file formats are:
Please don't violate any copyrights and keep the clips relevant to the topics our sites cover.


How many clips can I upload?
You can upload as many as you like. There is no limit to the number of clips you can upload (within reason of course!) 


Tags and descriptions
When you upload a clip you will be asked for 'tags' and a 'description'. Think of the tags as keywords - they will help everyone to find your clip on the site when searching. The description you enter also helps with search, so please try to be as descriptive as possible. We may edit/add/delete tags or descriptions that you assign, simply in an effort to make them as beneficial to everyone using the site as possible.


I want to upload to a Category that doesn't seem to exist...
If you feel there should be a new category added, please just contact us and we will consider adding it.


How do I embed a clip on the SnowJapanForums?
To embed a clip on SnowJapanForums, simply copy the full URL (the full web address) of the page and then paste that address within a post on the Forums. The clip should automatically get embedded without you needing to do anything else. A URL will look something like this and can usually be found in your browser: http://sj.snowjapan.tv/videos/551/my-favourite-shiga-kogen-run/


Can I view the clips on a mobile device?
Yes, you should be able to view on the main mobile devices that support video - even on devices that do not support Flash player (iPhone, iPad). When viewing from a mobile device it will probably automatically go to the mobile version. You can swap from the mobile version to the full version and back again by using the relevant links on each.


Is my email address safe?
Yes, absolutely. Your email address is not displayed on the site at all. We do not share any personal details with anyone outside of SnowJapan and you are not added to any kind of mailing list.


I used to have an account on the previous version of SnowJapan.TV (before July 2012).  How do I login on this new version?
For this new version of the site we have assigned new passwords to all previous accounts as a security measure. The accounts and email address records have been brought over though, and so please just click on the 'Login reminder' link and you will be able to request an email that will let you quickly get back into the system. If you encounter any problems, please do contact us and we'll quickly get you back up and running.


The clips seem to be (up)loading slowly / other technical issue...
The clips on SnowJapan.TV should load (and upload) quickly. We have tried to strike a good balance between file quality and size. Connection and network speeds vary and unfortunately the only part of the equation that we can control is our server. If you feel you are experiencing consistently slow connections please do let us know and we'll look into it.


Where is the clip 'number of views' data from the old site?
This new site is 100% new code and it was unfortunately not possible to bring over that particular data. Most of the clips, all usernames and all active accounts have been brought over to the new site though.


I have a clip uploaded to YouTube...
While you can't embed clips from YouTube or other sites onto SnowJapan.TV, you are very welcome to upload the same clip here too and add to the growing resource of clips within SnowJapan.TV. Doing this will also help support us as well as improving the experience for the many other people researching Japan using the SnowJapan sites.


Can I upload a promotional video?
Sorry, but please refrain from posting promotional type clips.


If we feel a clip or comment is unsuitable...
We reserve the right to take down any content at any time and will do so if we feel it is unsuitable.




Contact Us


If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions or comments, please do contact us and we will get back to you. We want people to enjoy using the site and we want to help. We usually respond to emails and comments very quickly, so we hope to hear from you.

We hope that you enjoy using SnowJapan.TV and our other sites. 

Thank you.